B is for Babe: Part II

This is part II of Helen's shoot. You can see part I here.

B is for Babe

This babe's Helen. She's a business woman and this is not her first time, posing in front of my lens. We decided to take some regular beauty shots before she slips into her lacy lingerie. After all, we met for a steamy boudoir session.. 
But this is how we started

Girls' Boudoir Party!

We had a super fun boudoir photo shoot last year, in October 2012. Sparkling, laughter and fun -- everything was there. Having such photo sessions with friends is quit special, girls talk about sexy lingerie, compliment each other features and tell dirty jokes.

You don't experience this every day...


Selfie Love

These are my most recent self-portraits. I've been wanting to experiment more with soft light.
Here are the results.

The magic of selfies is that you can take them whenever you want. The biggest downside is not seeing how am I standing in front of the camera and a lots of pointless photos will be taken before I have something to work with. The final is not the max I could achieve, posing wise.

Sara H

This is Sara.
She's been in front of my camera since 2008 or 2009. These colorful balloon photographs were taken in 2012.

We didn't plan anything in advance: She said she got a vintage dress she's staying in a old looking flat, let's have a shoot..



Henriikka S

February started with photographing Finnish fashion and life-style blogger Henriikka Simojoki.
You can visit her blog here: http://aamukahvilla.bellablogit.fi/